We spend our time bringing the Birmingham creative community together through meet ups, events and social media.

Why We Meet

It’s pretty simple really. Badego is an open invitation to all the creative faces of Birmingham to come together and enjoy some chat, reasonably priced food and a beer.

There are lots of groups in Brum, but we wanted something that brought a new, broad mix of local creative folk together. It started in 2012, and it’s been going rather well.

Organisations like Badego are doing a fantastic job in uniting creatives around the city

Verity Milligan, Photographer

The people are super friendly and easy to talk to

Christy, Designer

Who's Welcome?

Designers to dj’s, architects to actors, painters to photographers, jewellers to joiners, writers to… well you get the idea. It’s a easy way to enjoy some light, post-work socialisation with like-minded souls once every couple of weeks; no structure, no pressure, no agenda.

You can come along any time you like, check dates and even let us know you’re coming by hitting up our MeetUp page.