We’re back for 2017…But first a thank you

Over the past week we’ve been adding to the calendar and discussing what to do for the following year. We’ve got some plans, we hope they all come to fruition and it should be an exciting year.

But before we begin our festivities with our first Thursday Informal next week, I want to give a shout out to everyone who made 2016 successful.

Firstly to Andy and Paul, the other two members of the leadership team – a big thank you for their continued efforts last year to bring as many events as we can into the calendar, to bounce ideas off and continue to be a regular, friendly face at our meet ups.

Secondly, to the people who have given up their free time to add so much value to our events, we couldn’t have done it without you. Tim Allen, Craig Bush, Ryan Dean-Corke, Ria Blagburn, Kat Tromans, Louise Byng, Matt Nation, Ash O’Brien, Verity Milligan, Hanny Foxhall, Orb Studio, Urban Coffee, Flatpack Festival, Bodega, Lost & Found and Substrakt – thank you for speaking, podcasting, hosting, collaborating with and sponsoring us. All of this has meant we can put on events and continue to grow.

Lastly thank you all for coming. We’ve grown to 2,000 members on meet up and put on our 50th event in 2016, in the early days when I took over the reins it really didn’t look like that would be possible, I’m so glad I ploughed through the awkward first couple of months to get to this stage. It’s great that we have a large bunch of regulars and we’re really committed to expanding what we do and getting bigger and better.

Thanks again all, and see you next week,


P.S. Those of you asking about the podcast, it will be back very soon!