Small Talk with Antonio Roberts

With just a week to go until our next Small Talk event we wanted to get you all excited with some insights into our lovely speakers. We’ve asked each of them five questions, first up is Antonio Roberts.

Can you tell us about any upcoming projects?

I curated the No Copyright Infringement Intended exhibition that launched at Phoenix in Leicester on April 7th. It’s an exhibition exploring the relationship between copyright and culture in the digital age. It features work by Nick Briz,  Emilie Gervais, Nicolas Maigret, Christopher Meerdo, Jan Nikolai Nelles & Nora Al-Badri, Duncan Poulton, Fernando Sosa, Andrea Wallace & Ronan Deazley.

The exhibition will be coming to Birmingham in September but you should definitely check it out in Leicester. It’s on until 21st May.

In my artistic work I’m preparing for the final iteration of the Short Circuit exhibition curated by Aly Grimes and taking place in Copenhagen from May 5th. It’ll feature acrylic sculptures encasing a wifi router that contains digital art about remixing and privacy.

And finally, I’m practicing my creative coding skills for upcoming Algoraves at Bluedot Festival and Green Man Festival.

oh, and I’m a Curator at Vivid Projects and we’ve just announced our 2017 programme so I will be busy making that happen.

Do you remember the first ‘art’ you ever created?

One of the earliest things I made was a comic about walking to home from school and getting lost on the way. I remember that all of the people in it were basically dots with really long arms and legs.

I made a little book many years ago that has a lot of my really old and really bad drawings. Turns out I liked Sonic quite a lot and would draw things really small.

So, scones. Cream then jam (the correct way) or jam then cream?

Cream then jam, although I can’t actually remember when I last had a scone.

With the abundance of inspiration online do you feel there’s a danger of information overload?

Definitely! There’s a definite joy in being able to explore the far corners of the internet/world for inspiration but I think there is a dual danger of being caught in an endless research phase and also comparing yourself to others. The rate at which art is posted can make it seem like everyone is effortlessly creative all the time, which can be disheartening. Sometimes I think you just need to switch off the outside world even just for an hour, be with your own thoughts, and put pen to paper.

What scares you the most?

Spiders. And collarbones.

And that’s all for now. Thanks to Antonio, we’re looking forward to hearing more next week.

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