Small Talk with Chloe Knibbs

Less than a week to go until our next Small Talk event. We’re carrying on with our speaker insights, next up is Chloe Knibbs.

Your University course was very specific to what you’re doing now. Have you ever considered a different career path?

From pretty early on music became an addiction for me – and from then on I always knew it would be a big part of my life. I liked all the different options it offered, from teaching to performing and writing music to improvising. Whatever mood I am in, there is always something that will suit it. Saying that, careers related to psychology or therapy are something that have interested me for a long time and something I would still consider in the future.

I really admire anyone who can write music. Where do you find inspiration mostly?

Stories mainly – drawing from fiction, my own life, or the world around me. I think it all comes back to watching Disney’s “Fantasia”, the way the music and the visuals combined to tell the story transfixed me (still does!).

Can you reveal a musical guilty pleasure to us? Something really cheesy?

There is no guilt involved for knowing all the words to Adele’s album 21.

Who would you really love to work with?

I don’t know if there is a specific person, I just love working with open-minded creative people and particularly those from other artistic disciplines who see things differently. It’s great to be challenged creatively – I hope that never stops.

In your opinion what is the best flavour of ice-cream?

No contest – chocolate.

And that’s all for now. Thanks to Chloe, we’re looking forward to hearing more next week.

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