Small Talk with Lisa Barrett and Ryan Dean-Corke

Not long now until our next Small Talk event. Here’s our next instalment of speaker insights this time it’s Lisa Barrett and Ryan Dean-Corke.

You met five years ago. Where do you see yourselves in another five years?

5 years sounds like a long time but in reality it flies by very quickly. I think both of us would eventually like to own/run other businesses, not necessarily in the design industry, but maybe that’s a bit further ahead than 5 years? But certainly if we could be doing what we do now, but working on more ‘ideal’ projects with clients that we align to in terms of ethos and values that would be perfect.

How much do you agree with the statement that designers are only as good as their clients?

I think that can be true, I think it’s mostly about trust and being on the same level with your clients to be able to produce the best work, if your clients have the right attitude to a creative process, give you enough freedom, have the right vision, budget and timescales the better the work you can produce. I always think the best work is created when you honestly believe in your client’s business and values, that always helps.

What would be your ideal day(s) – in the theme of Ferris Bueller’s day off?

It would definitely be a day spent outside, away from screens without phones and internet. Exploring through the countryside of Laos maybe?

I love that your skills complement. How much do you collaborate with others?

We try to collaborate as much as possible, depending on the kind of project we are working on. Mainly with Photographers, Copy Writers, other developers etc. We’d definitely like to collaborate more.

Would you rather have two extra arms or two extra legs?

Ryan: Two extra arms… can’t do a huge amount more with extra legs.
Lisa: 2 arms

And that’s all for now. Thanks to Lisa and Ryan, we’re looking forward to hearing more next week.

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