Calling all writers: Creative Writing Event Co-ordinator wanted

Hello again Birmingham. You may have seen our post from last month looking for a photography event co-ordinator, the response was really great and we’re meeting with potential candidates for the role to help boost our photography event offering. We want to do the same with other disciplines, starting with creative writing.

Over the years we’ve typically been known for our work in the visual communication field, but this year we’ve really been trying to branch out and get more involved with the written word – sponsoring an event at Verve Poetry festival in the process. We want to get to the next level and put on more events for people who enjoy writing for fun or as a career on a regular basis.

If you write professionally or as a hobby – blogging, copywriting, poetry, script, fiction et al, then you could fit right in as our Creative Writing Event Co-ordinator.

Here’s why you might want to get involved:

  • Be part of a team that’s been helping connect Birmingham’s creative community for the past five years.
  • Support in hosting your own writing events, exhibitions, meet ups as part of the Badego event calendar.
  • Work with us to create some top blog & social content about the creative scene in Birmingham.
  • A community of over 2,500 people to reach out to and make sure your events hit the ground running.
  • Showing you’re doing your part to engage the community looks great on your CV and can be a really useful way to network and get paid work.

Here’s some things to consider:

  • This is a volunteer position. We all volunteer at Badego, we do it to make the city better in our own special way.
  • There’s work involved, but it’s really rewarding and you meet lots of great people. 

If you think you’re a good fit please set an email to telling us a bit about yourself with a link to some of your work and we’ll be in touch for a coffee.

Closing date for applications is Monday 4th September 2017.