Creative Cafe with Katy Tromans & LOWLFE

Friday 7th July, 2017 - 8:30 am to 10:00 am

Breakfast, coffee and inspiring talks. Our second cafe of the year centres around miniature stories.

Tickets £5, include drinks and breakfast

Creative cafe is your chance to start the day right with talks, drinks and breakfast once a month on a Friday at Urban Coffee Company. For our second cafe instalment in 2017 we’re all about miniature stories.

We have three immensely talented crafters speaking, with jeweller Katy Tromans discussing the making of her beautiful narrative based pieces and Key Powell & Tam Bernard who form the collective LOWLFE talking through the amusing miniature world they’ve been creating – as featured in I Choose Birmingham.

You can read more about the speakers and purchase tickets* below.

Event Info

7th July - Urban Coffee, Church St.


Katy Tromans


Katy Tromans is an award winning Jeweller and CAD designer based in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter.

Katy specialises in narrative work, telling her stories with precious metal jewellery which includes a range of small-scale objet d’arts that house rings, pendants and other jewellery objects for display when not being worn.

Since graduating from BCU, The School of Jewellery, Katy has won numerous awards including a prestigious gold award from the Goldsmiths Hall, Craft and Design Council and has recently been awarded with a position as one of Retail Jewellers 30 under 30 award.

Key Powell & Tam Bernard


We are LOWLFE. We take everyday objects that can be found all around you: phones, plants, coins and even dead insects, to name a few, and introduce them to the world of miniature people.

We combine these elements to point the finger at issues we feel are bigger than us all; the decline of the planets resources and inhabitants, our overuse and reliance of technology, the political figures that dominate our news feeds and what the world may look like once it hits the fan.

Our whimsical approach and droll sense of humour keep the compositions playful but once you look a little closer you see a message that questions our place in the world.

Our slogan: Aim LOW, LFE is found in the undergrowth.


The Venue

Urban Coffee Company Church Street

Church Street

We hold the event upstairs at Urban Coffee Company on Church Street in the city centre.

They have very kindly agreed to host us monthly, offering their fine drinks and pastries. It’s a great place to visit with nice surroundings and art on the walls.

*Please note if you decide you can’t make it we can only issue refunds up until 5th July. This is due to the event being ran at cost and needing to be able to reassign the ticket in order to not lose money. Thanks for understanding.