Small Talk Event

Wednesday 5th March, 2014

Our very first speaking event featured five different speakers, nachos and a gallery of exclusive illustrations from Birmingham's finest.

“A polite conversation about unimportant or uncontroversial matters.
Often conversation for its own sake.”

Our first event took place on the 5th of March 2014.

Badego was setup to bring together the creative types in the city and give us a place to hang out, no structure, no pressure, no agenda.

We’ve been successfully doing just that for the last year or so. But it’s time to shake things up and do something a little different to get people talking a little.

Small Talk was our first ever Badego event. Our hope was that everyone who came down got involved in a bit of small talk with someone they’ve never met before. Because you never know, that little chat might turn into a much bigger conversation.

And that’s the power of Small Talk.

About the Event

Free talks and nachos


Matt Nation


Matt likes good design, big cities and meeting new people. He moved to Birmingham in 2012 to launch the PROVIDE clothing brand and retail shop, which has become known locally for its informal, people-focused approach towards shopping. Matt is fascinated by the ways people interact with and are influenced by brands, marketing and design.

Immy Kaur


Immy is a social activist & eternal optimist, driving real change in Birmingham. Currently co founding Hub Birmingham to realise a new collaborative open space to #FutureShift the city into a more equitable, democratic and wonderous city. She is also working on The Civic Foundry social accelerator and curating TEDxBrum in its 3rd year amongst other things. Immy is on a mission to show the world a new kind of social economy, empowering people and communities to create the space and change they want.

Luke Tonge

FormFiftyFive / Boat Magazine

Luke has been representing Birmingham’s graphic design scene more than most. With an upbringing in two well respected Midlands agencies for a day job, it’s Luke’s out of hours projects which have brought him extra notability. A long running contribution to FormFiftyFive is something of a recognition in itself. But his various personal dedications and works bring important lessons to the table and continue to push him both in graphic design and life.

Jenny Theolin

Soapbox & Sons

Jenny is in the middle of bringing over a decade of that there London creative experience to Brum. With the big brand and graphic design agency work under her belt, she has semi-retired the mouse and pens in favour of making her own mark on the world. Soapbox & Sonswas founded in 2009 as a truly independent and experimental creative agency. When she’s not curating strategy, design or events, Jenny can also be found lecturing, speaking, writing and generally doing great stuff.

Thom Bartley

Project Coordinator

Thom is a musician, photographer, martial artist and yo-yo extraordinaire. But these are only sidelines. His creative talents run much deeper. Live, create, break and re-build is the mantra by which he lives and it’s standing him in good stead. We can’t say too much here, but be sure to expect some pretty frank and insightful views on creativity and how it can be used to make a real difference. And hopefully some yo-yo skills…Eh Thom?