Episode 21 – Delayed

3rd August 2016

This week we were joined by Ria Blagburn of growbeyond.co.uk as we discussed Pokemon Go and legacy of your work.

On This Episode

Daniel Alcorn

UX / UI Designer @ Substrakt

Dan is UX / UI Designer at Substrakt who are best known for the work they do in the creative, cultural and tourism sectors.

Craig Bush

Video Director / Producer

Craig is a film producer / director and jack of all trades. His background includes working professionally in theatre, music, journalism and television, before settling on and being self taught in video and film.

Ria Blagburn

Founder @ GrowBeyond

Ria has worked in online marketing for most of her professional career. As half of the founding team behind GrowBeyond, she works with a wide variety of clients to develop sustainable marketing strategies that they can manage and scale in-house.