The Bunyip of Berkeley’s Creek – Ted Jones

A3 illustration printed on high quality stock. One of a kind produced for the auction in support of Acorns Children’s Hospice.

Note from the illustrator:
My poster’s based on “The Bunyip of Berkeley’s Creek”. No denying it – it’s a weird little book about a Bunyip (mythological creature from Australia) that has a bit of a crisis of self. I don’t know where the book came from – I think from my Godmother who lives out in Oz and I’ve never met anyone that’s heard of it. That being said, it always fascinated me and creeped me out in equal measure. Something about the melancholy nature of the Bunyip, his sad story and of course the dark illustrations (by incredible Australian illustrator Ron Brooks) really grabbed me as a kid, and though it’s not your classic kids book, it was my favourite to read over and over again.

Can be posted with or without frame, frames used for exhibition so they’ve got a little wear.