Dinotopia – Michael Clulee

A3 illustration printed on high quality stock. One of a kind produced for the auction in support of Acorns Children’s Hospice.

Note from the illustrator:
I never got the popular kids books like The Hungry Caterpillar or anything by Roald Dahl growing up at all. Maybe the odd Spot The Dog book. It wasn’t until I around eight or nine years old when I stumbled on a book which was labelled DINOTOPIA.

It’s cover was a detailed illustration of a parade, consisting of dinosaurs adorned in decorations with humans sat on top either riding them or playing a musical instrument. It is an incredibly elaborate cover.

The book is more maturely written for someone my age at the time but I latched onto it. I wanted the book solely on the artwork, which it’s quality ranged from journal like studies to fully detailed works, even double page spreads. Exceptionally detailed and fully realised, its world building lent itself to create a fully realised lost world with the aid of James Gurney’s art.

Can be posted with or without frame, frames used for exhibition so they’ve got a little wear.