The Phantom Tollbooth – Louise Byng

A3 illustration printed on high quality stock. One of a kind produced for the auction in support of Acorns Children’s Hospice.

Note from the illustrator:
I remember reading The Phantom Tollbooth at primary school, a book packed with puns, idioms and wordplay amidst an adventure through learning. Within its pages The Doldrums become a real place to travel through, princesses called Rhyme and Reason keep the kingdom of Wisdom in check, and Milo’s sidekick Tock is a literal ‘watchdog’ who hates nothing more than people wasting time. It speaks on the importance of knowledge, and of being awake to the possibilities in the world around us. Even at a young age this really resonated with me, and continues to warm my heart and align with my values to this day.

Complete with illustrations by American cartoonist Jules Feiffer, his bring the weird and wonderful characters to life like a child-friendly Fear & Loathing, however the marketplace scene I’ve chosen to depict always looked a little different in my head. When Milo and Tok bite into those letters later in the scene like we would fruit ‘He gave Milo an I, which was icy and refreshing, and Tock a crisp, crunchy C.’ I imagined the splindly letters in the original illustration morph into a much more blocky text, and how the stall is presented in my version has seemingly been inspired by the packaged hanging displays of handbags and the like at Birmingham Indoor Market.

Can be posted with or without frame, frames used for exhibition so they’ve got a little wear.